Kettering University (USA)
kettering university

Kettering University (founded in 1919 and formerly known as General Motors Institute) is named after the inventor and former head of research for General Motors, Charles Kettering. The university has a long heritage of being at the forefront of innovation and technology and many of the prominent names in the US auto industry are Kettering Alumni. Engineering education is Kettering's core competency and the university provides high quality education in Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Engineering, Fundamental Sciences and Business. Kettering University offers some of the world’s best facilities, labs, and educational resources in the areas such as Fuel-cell Research, Crash Safety, Polymer Optimization, Electrical Powertrains and Power Electronics.

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‘RainMaker’ is a newly formed racing team dedicated to popularize green racing and green vehicle technology among the student community. "We have a team of 35 students from diverse ethnic, cultural and educational background and I am proud to say that our team has representation from all the continents of the world (except Australia)", says Khamkar. "We are very sensitive about the environmental challenges the world is currently facing and we believe the auto industry has a major role to play in reducing the air pollution and green house gas emissions." The team name reflects their philosophy as they support all the efforts towards using renewable energy. "In many cultures in the world the rain symbolize purity and renewal and hence we choose the name 'RainMaker' for our team", Khamkar explains. "We believe our team name and our logo reflects our ideology."

kettering university