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The Imperial Racing Green Project

This initiative at Imperial College is designed to develop and train engineers of the future in leading edge environmentally responsible technologies and inspire new generations to pursue an exciting and inspiring career in engineering. Almost 100 undergraduate students each year from across the Faculty of Engineering will gain hands-on experience in the development of integrated electric hybrid fuel cell vehicles. In addition to the vehicle design and build, discipline-specific research will be conducted by undergraduates in the following areas:

- Earth Science Engineering - Fuel cell testing & development;
- Aeronautical Engineering - Composite structure analysis & aerodynamics;
- Mechanical Engineering - Vehicle build, drive technology, systems integration;
- Electrical & Electronic Engineering - Control algorithms & power electronics;
- Chemical Engineering - Composites, polymers & fuel cell testing;
- Materials - Hydrogen storage, electric vehicles & lightweight materials;
- Civil Engineering - Race event logistics, air quality monitoring
- Bioengineering - Driver-vehicle interfaces

A working prototype go-cart (IRG01) was made in the first year of the project (2006/07), and a second generation Formula Zero class go-cart (IRG02) was made in the second year of the project (2007/08). A third generation full size Formula Student class single seater started construction in 07/08, and will be completed in 08/09 ready for the new zero emissions class of Formula Student organised by the IMechE in July 2009 at Silverstone. Participation in other events such as speed trials and racing against combustion engine powered cars will be explored.

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