Grand Prix Kartways, Toronto


Grand Prix Kartways
75 Carl Hall Rd. - Bay 3 Unit 10
Toronto ON M3K 2B6



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Restaurant And Meeting Rooms

The Pit Zone Café offers a variety of fast foods, snacks, and beverages, perfect to fill the void and keep you ready to race. The track-side bistro-style tables will give you a view of the pit lanes, and of the fastest sweeping turn on the course, the Catapult, which envelopes the Rotonda and its featured water fountain.
The Speed Zone Lounge provides a 78’ glass enclosed track level view of the straightaway, where racers will hit peak speeds from the sling shot of the Catapult turn. The luxury seating and fully serviced bar, promise a comfortable break from the spirited racing.
The Imola, Monaco, and Silverstone rooms provide private areas for up to three separate functions, and have the versatility to combine into one large hall to accommodate up to 200 guests for parties or meetings.

Merchandise Store

From race mementos, rare model cars, to your very own race jacket, helmet & suit, you will find a variety of delights.

Entertainment Zone

This arcade zone features the latest race games for plenty of enjoyment in between on-track heats, and also offers weekly contests to pit you against the best of the best.

Performance Shop

For the ultimate Gearhead, top quality after-market automobile performance parts from the best suppliers in the world, are available for order and installation, to turn your everyday car into an awesome street machine.

The gokarts of this track were supplied by:
Toll Free: 1-877-2GO-KART (246-5278)
Cell: 727-455-8391
Fax: 727-363-6193
Web site: http://www.kart1.us