Halifax: Kartbahn
Toronto: Grand Prix Kartways
Gzero championships
The G-Zero Championship Racing Series will continue the rich history of motorsports innovation by racing engine systems that will be the future of the automotive industry.
EV associations
EMC Electric Mobility Canada
Electric Mobility Canada is a national membership-based not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the promotion of electric mobility as a readily available and important solution to Canada’s emerging energy and environmental issues. EMC is now Canada’s dominant clean transportation industry association.
Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA)

VEVA is registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia as a Non-Profit Organization that promotes the use of Battery Powered Electric Vehicles. While our membership is drawn largely from the lower mainland we have members from all over BC as well as other provinces and states. Many of our members have built electric vehicles including passenger cars and bicycles. We meet monthly to discuss current events, projects under development and to plan for various events which we attend each year promoting the concepts of Electric Vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa

Electric Vehicule Council of Ottawa

The Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa (EVCO) is dedicated to promoting the use of electric vehicles as a viable transportation alternative that is ecological, economical, practical, and available now.

Electric Vehicle Society of Canada

The Electric Vehicle Society of Canada

The Electric Vehicle Society of Canada (E.V.S.C. or EVS for short) provides a forum for members to discuss and promote personal experiences in building or converting a variety of vehicles to Electric Propulsion. Our members examine electric cars, electric bicycles, e-scooters, electric boats, electric aircraft, and other modes of electric transportation.