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EcoVolt NG Electric Adult Kart:
BIZ Karts
BIZ Karts have re-developed the electronic systems for the EcoVolt. The modular design features a powerful, maintenance free, brushless motor combined with a compact, reliable controller and lightweight lithium-ion (LFP) battery. Electronic components have been carefully selected to represent the best available technology and put through rigorous testing cycles to ensure robustness. The result is a "plug and play" solution that is easily understood and maintained. All of this bolted to the same quality, symmetrical, twin-tube, high strength, hand welded chassis. The switch to electric has never been more simple.
BIZ Karts

For further information visit: http://www.bizkarts.com


Main features

  • A British engineered permanent magnet AC Axial Flux motor. The motor is manufactured in the UK to an automotive standard and proved in automotive hybrid vehicle applications. It has a greater than 90% efficiency, and is a brushless and clean, no maintenance motor.
  • British engineered motor controllers, proven in automotive applications, including Renault and Nissan electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • A BIZ designed modular system integration for ease of use and plug and play functionality: Battery Module, Power Module, Motor Module.
  • Solid State Relay technology for increased reliability of switching components.
  • Innovative Intelligent Battery Management System with Active Balancing & Temperature Monitoring, extending run time, ensuring cell life.
  • Simple on Kart custom engraved LED’s for diagnostics + PC Diagnostic Software.
  • Electronic Anti Double Pedal control.
  • Optional but recommended remote controlled 3 Speed + Emergency STOP system including the ability to set a Pit Lane Speed limit (another optional extra).
  • Optional “Push to Pass” integrated steering wheel button (coming soon) will allowed increased speed or torque for limited time per lap similar to KERS/DRS F1 concept.
BIZ Karts

Detailed specifications

Powertrain, Electronics and Battery

  • 14.9kW, 70Nm Permanent Magnet Axial Flux Brushless Motor
  • 48V, 275A Motor Controller (300A, 10sec)
  • 51.2V, 3kWh Lithium-Ion (LFP) Battery
  • Active Balancing Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Tri-Colour Controller Diagnostics LED
  • Tri-Colour Battery Diagnostics LED
  • Electronic Anti-Double Pedal System
  • Forward, Neutral and Reverse Operation
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Automotive Waterproof Wiring Harness

Chassis and tyres

  • High strength twin tube welded chassis, which is available in a choice of colours
  • Duro tyres

Rear Axle Components

  • High tensile 30mm solid rear axle
  • BIZ self adjusting hydraulic brake system
  • Plain steel 8mm brake disc
  • Quick change axle bearing hangers
  • Super heavy duty mono alloy wheels

Steering, Seat and Pedals

  • Sliding seat unit
  • Heavy duty steering wheel
  • 8mm Ackermann steering column and taper roller bearing stub axles
  • Steering column safety ring
  • Heavy duty moulded plastic seat
  • Flip over pedal system, 3 position

Bodywork and Bumpers

  • 20mm heavy duty plastic front and rear bumper
  • 12mm heavy duty plastic side protection
  • Quick release axle safety cover
  • Shock absorbing side protection system
  • Fully moulded side pod/battery covers
  • Rubber mounted battery tray
  • Fully moulded inboard mounted front nosecone
  • Nassau panel mounted dashboard
BIZ Karts


Electronic Options

  • Remote shutdown and speed control
  • Pit lane and sector speed limit control
  • Push to Pass System (P2P)
BIZ Karts

For further information visit: http://www.bizkarts.com


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