Japan EV Festival 1999


Date article: 05/09/99  

ERK (electric wagon)

The number of participation of the wagon is 17. Attention is '97, '98, and number 37 that wins successive victories, and aims at the throne this year. ?K.R.R. EV DREAM?? Another team aimed at the throne recapture. This year's ERK gymkhana was managed from the course setting to progress, the safety control, and the withdrawal by the participating entrants. This is an attempt 'To do, the sponsor side ..original.. becomes independent without doing an excessive preparation of the participants'. It was able to enjoy a free running until the battery was lost after an official trial had ended.

Smile of room?Number 37

Only, number 39 of participation 5 years in a row"ZEK-00"

Especially, it is number 61 that attracted attention. "Subaru 36V KART"