Japan EV Festival 1998


Date article: 30/08/98  


What is the ERK(Electric Racing Kart) gymkhana trial? ERK is a meaning of the Electric racing wagon. The frame of an existing racing car is used, and the motor is installed instead of the engine. The battery is installed four Namarisan types of 12 volts, and runs by the voltage of 48 volts. The heat that the participation drivers shoot is eagerness to such a match. The ERK time trial competes for how many seconds run one provided time in the course completely. Three drivers can challenge by one wagon. Moreover, the chance twice by one person.

The ERK gymkhana in rain in haste : to the running association. Settang of entrant's tire your starts "Clear weather specification" Japan EV Festival and is trial of the time of rain since then. Each entry attacked the course carefully, seriously, and resolutely while raising a spray of water. Your record demonstrates ability like too good in informality though it became informal on the weather to our regret. A regrettable voice was sent to putting out worth and a hot rooting while those who came also sent applause at times, and there was pie Ron touch.

ERK where it raises a spray of water and it dashes.

Maintenance is deliberate from usually because of rain measures.

Particular many people spectators : though it is a heavy rain.

ERK General Council of Trade Unions of Japan

"Running association" is declared with Doraibarzmeting of ERK in ..representation... It became "Only the person who was able to run runs". However, all members of the entrant run when the running association starts. In the inside, there was a female, too. ERK ran on Clcl and course with spray, and ERK was reflected, crowded, and running association was really in road like" "Whirligig beetleSecretly, entrant's manners were able to be very good, and I who is looking at the standpoint of official by forgetting to be amused though it is nervous if neither the accident nor contact happen, too. Thank you very much entrants ..true... Let's hold out next year.

ERK official: Sat Fukuda