Formula Zero : Italy first ero emission grand prix



"TURIN/ROTTERDAM - The first Italian zero emission Grand Prix has been won by Greenchoice Forze from the Technical University Delft, the Netherlands. The ‘Formula Zero Gran Prix Torino’ was held in the framework of the Eco-Efficiency Biennial organized by Environment Park and supported by Piedmont Region in the Valentino Park (Turin, Italy). The demonstration event was successful: the battle for 0th position between the student teams with vehicles powered by hydrogen and fuel cell technology was close and many interested spectators and dignitaries attended the Italian premiere. "

One of the Formula Zero offices is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This city was host of the world premiere racing with hydrogen powered by the Linde Group and fuel cell technology. Turin is a partner city of Rotterdam and the EEB event created a chance to once again underline the connection between these two international and energetic cities. Supported by the Dutch government through the participation of the Consulate-General of the Netherlands in Milan (www.hollandtrade.com), the event aimed at enhancing the pioneering role of the Netherlands (and Formula Zero) in the fields of sustainability and innovation. The water produced by the Formula Zero vehicles during the event was used to make orange tulips flourish in a Dutch Design vase by the Rotterdam based designer Richard Hutten: a symbol of sustainable development and the Dutch way to achieve it.

Track record
The first real trial of strength between the four top university teams was on Saturday when the sprint race began. Each team did one ‘flying lap’ around the street circuit. 2009 Champion Solvay Umicore Zero Emission Racing Team from Leuven, Belgium, succeeded in putting a lap in a record time of 24,24 seconds on the scoreboard. UnizartecH2 from Zaragoza, Spain, and Greenchoice Forze completed the top three.

Surprising Sunday
Surprises characterized Sunday’s main race of ten laps. The Belgian team found a technical failure in one of their electric motors and was not able to take part. UnizartecH2 and Greenchoice Forze were up to that point right behind their Belgian rivals. The overall win seemed to go to the Spanish after the Dutch crashed in qualifying. But the students from Delft managed to repair their vehicle in only twenty minutes and faced the Spanish team in the final round. Greenchoice Forze went on track first consistent laps, before UnizartecH2 completed their final run. The Spanish team seemed to go quicker, but overheating problems in the final lap prevented them to take the overall win.

Perfect match
"The Gran Prix Torino was a perfect match of many aspects", said Formula Zero Racing Director Eelco Rietveld. "Thanks to the EEB organization, this event shows what Formula Zero is about: inform and educate the public, speed and excitement, team spirit and sportsmanship without an emissions except exhaust water. And that was a welcome refreshment in the sunny setting!"

Great attention
Besides the enthusiastic crowd, also various dignitaries got introduced to the Formula Zero racing series and took part in the award ceremony: mr. Oreste Accornero, Dutch consul of Turin, mr. Paolo Peveraro, vice-president of the Region Piemonte, mr. Andrea Bairati, alderman of Energy, Innovation, Research and Industry of the Region Piemonte and mr. Giuseppe Sbriglio, alderman of sports of the city of Turin attended Italy’s zero emission race premiere. Also the President of the Region Piemonte, ms. Mercedes Bresso paid a visit to the Dutch pit-box showing great interest for the initiative. Formula Zero registered multiple publications in newspapers like La Stampa and Il Sole24Ore.

Formula Zero Gran Prix Torino result:
0th place, Greenchoice Forze (Delft, Netherlands), 3 points
1st place, UnizartecH2 (Zaragoza, Spain), 5 points
2nd place, Solvay Umicore Zero Emission Racing Team (Leuven, Belgium), 7 points
3rd place, Imperial Racing Green (London, Great Britain), 9 points

Eco-Efficiency Biennial 2009
The 2009 Eco-Efficiency Biennial (EEB’09) framed activities with the aim of spreading scientific knowledge, information, environmental education and entertainment for the citizens and youth. It was held at the Torino Esposizioni facilities, an historical complex in the Valentino Park, the green heart of the city. It was a zero-emission event. In other words, the environmental impact of the Eco- Efficiency Biennial 2009 was “measured” to identify and plan actions aimed at greenhouse gas effect compensation.

Photo: Emile Nijssen

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