evs 23
Date article: 03/12/07  
Source: http://www.electricdrive.org/evs23/  

The International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS) attracts business, policy, industry, and academic leaders from around the world who are interested in exploring and understanding the technical, policy and market challenges of electric transportation technologies.

Who are the exhitors?
• Domestic and international vehicle manufacturers
• Off-road, industrial, heavy-duty and bus manufacturers
• Fuel cell, battery, and drive-train suppliers
• Electricity, hydrogen, and other fuel suppliers
• Automotive, industrial and heavy-duty component suppliers
• Government agencies and laboratories
• Universities with breakthrough technology programs
• Industry, environmental, and consumer associations

Who attends EVS-23?
• Fleet Managers – Utilities, military, municipal, corporate operations
• Government Officials
• Manufacturers
• Engineers
• Investors
• International delegations
• Media Outlets
• Corporate Distribution Centers
• Corporations looking for alternative transportation solution