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Marcelo PADIN

Date article: 19/04/07  

Electric Motor News is the sole Italian TV program exclusively dedicated to the environmental friendly alternative vehicles, scooter, bikes, cars, bus, boats and innovative systems.

The Management & Promotion of Marcelo Padin works in the field of information, promotion and development of the environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility. Marcelo Padin has been the first in Italy to edit a bimothly magazine of electric vehicles, in the year 1992. Today, Management & Promotion is the first company in Italy to produce a television program exclusively dedicated to the alternative mobility, anchor by Clarice Caprioli and Marcelo Padin, supported by a redaction with different collaborators world wide. Management & Promotion, furthermore to follow the information, is also consultant to different companies to develop the market of different technologies and the practical application of the new systems to develop a sustainable mobility.

The interview (in Italian language) with Riccardo Falci, Italian team manager of Egraf Racing Team concerning the new Electric Kart that won a racing against the Kart 125 cc in Karthodrom of Rioveggio (Bologna, North Italy).

Interview of Riccardo FALCI, by Marcelo PADIN:
Interview of Marco FALCI, by Marcelo PADIN:
Close look on the technology:
Video of the race: