Formula Student

11th of September, 2005

Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, UK

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At the annual race meeting of Formula Student at Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, Green Motorsport presented its advanced electric racing kart, which is powered from renewable energy sources. Spectators were thrilled by the fast take off due to the excellent torque of the electric motor. Between high speed sprints, the kart achieved a controlled 360 degree turn in front of the judges. The secret of the superb control lies in the advanced electronics that controls the powerful electric motor.

The purpose of Formula Student is to give students real-life exercise in design and manufacture as well as the business elements of automotive engineering. At their Annual teams demonstrate the performance of their cars and have their work judged by industry specialists; It is not simply the fastest car that wins, but students have to balance speed with safety, reliability, cost and good handling qualities.

For the purpose of the competition, the students assume that a manufacturing firm has engaged them to produce a prototype car for evaluation. The intended sales market is the non professional weekend autocross or sprint racer so the car must have very high performance in terms of its acceleration, braking, and handling qualities. The car must be low in cost, easy to maintain and reliable. In addition, the car`s marketability is enhanced by other factors such as aesthetics, comfort and use of common parts. The challenge to the team is to design and fabricate a prototype car that best meets these objectives. Each design is compared and judged with other competing designs to determine the best overall car. Contestants from engineering departments around the world gave exciting displays and this year’s overall Class 1 Winner’s crown was awarded to the University of Toronto.

Formula Student is run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), in partnership with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE). The IMechE is now actively considering introducing an electric vehicle class to future Formula Student competitions.

Green Motorsport’s electric racing kart is powered by renewable energy supplied partly by the array of solar panels on the roof of the Green Motorsport transporter and by a micro wind turbine, 'It's Only Natural'. This will be supplemented by a biofuel generator as well as a hydrogen fuel cell system.

Green Motorsport is planning a series of 8 races next year with electric karts powered by renewable energy. This will be held under the auspices of the British Racing Drivers’ Club Stars of Tomorrow.

Green Motorsport will also be exhibiting at the first Urban Mobility and Clean Air Event at City Hall, London, on Thursday 15th September 2005, which marks the official launch of European Mobility Weeks 2005.

Over 200 European Mayors, politicians and businessmen will be arriving in London for a two day conference on Sustainable Travel in City Hall. This will be the first time the Weeks have been launched outside Brussels. Delegates will officially register for the conference at the event on Potter`s Field, where they will sign in before embarking on a guided tour of the exhibits, which will come from all over the UK and Europe. Green Motorsport will also demonstrate its electric racing kart powered by renewable energy on Green Canary Day, on Tuesday 27th September at Canary Wharf, when the estate will be taken over to promote sustainable travel. 'It's Only Natural'.