Japan EV Festival 2004

Date: 03/11/04 Source: http://www.jevc.gr.jp

Japanese EV festival brings together, exhibits EV (electric vehicle) voluntarily made up, makes it run, and is a festival of EV by the citizens who expand the possibility of EV, and discover happiness. In this year's festival that faces the tenth times, the trial including a new idea is done. As usual a lot of handmade EV is scheduled to participate in the trial of change EV and ERK. Moreover, the chance to think about the car problem, environmental problems, and the CO2 reduction such as "CO2 exhaust amount diagnosis" in which of environment EXPO, the low-emission vehicle trial-ride fair, and all those by the enterprise who come can participate has been installed. It is thought that it wants to do to the festival that can think about the motorization of the 21st century while enjoying it by EV's touching more people.