Japan EV Festival 2000

Japan EV Festival 1999


Date article: 03/09/00  

The 6th Japanese EV festival was held in Japan Automobile Research Institute, Inc. in the Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukuba city on Sunday, September 3. Highest, handmade EV participated in this year's change EV challenge in 32 and the past. Ten participated in the handmade EV exhibition, EXPO exhibition/testing car both so on was matched, EV, that is, 87 total gathered, and 683 whole numbers participated in the ERK gymkhana by 19.

ERK Gymkhana
The gymkhana of the trial form of time was done with ERK (Electric racing wagon). The title of a team prize and an individual prize competed in the system of the team up to three people per one. The class is two classes (the ERK-1 class of 48V specification and the ERK-2 class of 72V specification).

Gymkhana track
- Course introduction 19 participates in the ERK gymkhana. It is a course of the full loading of the highlight scene of the arm there is spin in the course with 360° turn, and with the pie Ron touch this year. It aims at a team prize and an individual prize and each driver's expression is serious. It is a storm of the large applause in the driver to whom the spin turn of 360° is decided.


Number 41: Yamamoto circuit design Kurita and the 1st Reporter: Kurita Atsushi(Kurita and Yamamoto circuit design office) The member did not gather last year, and regrettable absence and this year's three drivers were the festival first experiences, and experienced person's Yamamoto served as the supervisor of the team and the scorer. The exchange time of the permitted battery was decided from the course and the trial method on that day only once ..changing the setting (Naturally, there is not a practice running) the day before by the body... The body that changes the setting improved before cornering, and is true. The effect , was able to handle the turn 360 times without difficulty, and was able to put out player Shimada, Kurita, and good time about the first time. For player Kato of the ace driver, time when the ERK-2 class approached in the top was kicked out. 2 and 7th place were able to be acquired, and the race of the team victory and ..individual.. 1 of the wishes as the result of large satisfactory. The following are the challenges to championship during year.

Erk pilot


Number 32: EV4 name of an era
Reporter: Barrier

This soon(Orcboandoseki II) It did not take a stance so much, and it became participation by the truth this year that became times second in the EV4 name of an era. It splendidly became the low rank in the team however. However, it is not discouraged because of this, and the speed wants to pursue something with ERK pleasant happy/for us not to pursue so much/interesting in the future.

Number 33: SUGAO-01 ver.2
Reporter: Kojima Tacashiyo (Woods Engineering)

It becomes the third participation. It dies an honorable death splendidly though it faced thinking only this year because 3rd place and a wonderful result were able to be left last year in the team. It crashes in EV-DAY the second war. A long-cherished ..restoration.. machine has been improved. The brake has still become a problem though it tested last week. The brake doesn't follow though power improved by the controller's change. Gymkhana in the machine that doesn't stop is painful. Moreover, I want to do to the festival that can enjoy only thinking next year.

ERK batteries

Number 34: WEEK 2KC
Reporter: Mo Takashi (Woods Engineering)

ERK trial of the fourth times in this time. It is a large waiting lid because it was able to leave a good result last year that thought," etc. "The condition this year. The driver spoils the potential of the machine and to the result of the dance though only overrunning and the Miss course escaped to the half spin. Oh dear, it was possible to participate in the festival happily as usual though a good grade was not able to be left.

ERK Motor

Number 43: ZEK-00
Reporter: Okuda Dragon (team friend)

"ZEK-00" of my team that cannot even run straight for the past several years after winning the team the championship in the 1st festival (Is it true?) if it thinks. However, this year's "ZEK-00" ( in reality) obtained the performance to be able to fight thanks to member's Mr. Y. It was glad. The combat power of being possible to go up to the commendation stand (Were you able to win the championship in reality?) surely if I of the owner of the team (Everyone : in the owner in reality) had put out more straight time was gained. Please look at my team and next year when only continuous participation has been holding out to the boast (Do not you think it is terrible when it is possible to participate 7 years in a row, and to do really?).